PaMu Wireless Earbuds : Never Fall Out!

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As some advanced phone makers are moving far from conventional 3.5mm corded sound associations, remote earphones, headsets and earbuds are gradually turning into the new standard.

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The truly wireless headphones product style seems to be a popular trend. The latest company to join in on this phenomenon is PaMu with its new in-ear sports headphones.

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Padmate Pamu Wireless Earbuds becomes an integral factor which offers a genuine remote choice on account of Bluetooth variant 4.2, shortsighted charging time and all the more essential, solace and great sound.

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PaMu is a standout amongst other TWS headphones on the planet in the wake of contrasting it and best brands including Apple, Samsung, and Bose. PaMu earbuds are intended to fit the state of the ear. They will never drop out since it has built the wingtips to spread equally around the ear, with various sizes of wingtips.


Fast Charging

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The charging case provides storage and protection to the earbuds while charging it at the same time. The case can charge the earbuds 3 times, supporting more than 10 hours of use.


Deep Bass

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Two powerful 10mm dynamic sound drivers convey PaMu’s signature sound with adjusted profound bass, without relinquishing the clearness of the mids and highs. It will feel like you are in the show corridor whenever and anyplace, music always, run until the end of time.



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By utilizing a water-repellent fixing design, the creator keeps the within components dry and completely utilitarian. These earbuds aren’t apprehensive about sweat or rain — and now terrible climate can’t be a reason to avoid exercise time.


Technology Solution

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PaMu is the closest thing to what people have always wanted in a sports earphone – a pair of lightweight and compact earbuds that stay connected, stay in, and sound amazing. You can call it a technology-packed solution!

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