Billie: A High-Performance Stereo Receiver for Your Best Music Sound

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Billie will give you a different way to listen to your favorite music. This high-performance stereo receiver comes from Heaven 11 Audio with the best features. No matter what kind of your music format is, whether it is vinyl, digital, or Bluetooth, you can still have the best sound ever with Billie.


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Billie is an amplifier that combines the tubes analog warmth to the digital precision. It makes an awesome and wide soundstage with a rich mellow sound to you, including the best bass performance. You can also pair Billie using AptX to your devices without Wi-Fi or passwords.



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Billie is made from a solid aluminum chassis, high-quality parts, and hand-crafted wood knobs. Those materials make this amplifier last longer for years. It is manufactured in Montreal, Canada with five years warranty too.



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The idea of Billie is about giving you the best sound ever in your own living room. It must be “in the room” first before the “multi-room”. The stereo design in this amplifier will bring the listening ritual becomes meat to be for your new experience.



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The Billie Stereo Receiver has 125 W with 6 inputs. It allows you to listen to the music in some music formats: analog, Bluetooth, and also vinyl. The price is about $1195 to $1295 USD but you can have it with $945 USD only by pre-order.



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The whole design of Billie is simple. It makes this amplifier looks perfect to any interior design of your rooms. It fits well with your rustic table or your modern living. The design allows you to use it as home interior decor too.

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