Jabra Elite Active 65t: Secure Fitting Earbuds without Strings Attached

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The engineering of Jabra Elite Active 65t comes for your true wireless music, sports, and calls. You don’t need to use any strings attached at all to use these secure fitting earbuds. Jabra Elite Active 65t is also built for your active life. With the powerful performance, these earbuds are the only thing that you need to start the day nicely.

Snug and Secure

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Jabra Elite Active 65t is very secure and also snug. You can enjoy your active life with these earbuds well. The design provides a good stability in your ear. With IP56 rating and 2 years warranty, Jabra Elite Active 65t will give you a new way to enjoy your sports, calls, and also music.



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Jabra Elite Active 65t has 5 hours of the battery life with a single charge only. It can also be used up to 15 hours with the charging case. You don’t need to worry about running out of the battery again when you start your day.



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The true wireless stability in these earbuds will help you to reduce the music and call drop-outs. You can use Bluetooth to connect it to your devices. Use your devices to start listening to the music by installing the Jabra Sound+ app.


Voice Command

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With Alexa, Google Assistant™, and Siri®, you will have a simple voice command to use these earbuds. You can find nearby events, setting the important appointments, and also getting some messages. Use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect it with your smartphone.



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If you need more options, then you can compare the Jabra model first. Jabra Elite Active 65t is great for exercise because it has a motion sensor for the training features. The Elite Sports model is more perfect for the professional training because it has a VO2 max monitor and heart rate.

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