AbleNet TrackerPro: A Computer Input Device for Fine Cursor Control from Apple

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AbleNet TrackerPro is the best product from Apple for you who need to drafting and drawing in your work. It is a computer input device for fine cursor control that takes a place of your mouse. With an intelligent camera and high-resolution, it will emulate your mouse with the movements from a small dot. You don’t need additional software to use AbleNet TrackerPro.


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AbleNet TrackerPro is designed with a high-resolution CCD camera to give you a pixel-perfect and ultra-smooth tracking. It has a 45-degree field of view, allows you to sit freely and comfortable in front of your awesome Mac. You can also operate it even in direct sunlight. AbleNet TrackerPro can be scrolled with your head up and down movement.

The best thing about AbleNet TrackerPro is you can also use it on any type of computer that you have. The front LED indicators will give you an easy way to know when the AbleNet TrackerPro sees a dot. Your regular hand mouse can be changed with this product.


Technical Specifications

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The cable length of AbleNet TrackerPro is about 6 feet or 1.8 m. It has a USB connection which is easy to be used. The height is about 3.3 inches or 8.3 cm. The length is 2 inches or 5.1 cm, the width is 2 inches or 5.1 cm, and the weight is 4 oz or 113 g. This size will not take your desk space too much.


Small Dot

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The key to use AbleNet TrackerPro is located on its small dot. AbleNet TrackerPro emulates the movements of your rim, hat, glasses, or forehead which are the place to put the small dot. You can do anything that you usually do with your regular hand mouse.


What’s in the Box

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Once you have AbleNet TrackerPro in your hand, you will also get more things inside the box. You will get not only AbleNet TrackerPro but also a mounting stand, dual lock, six-foot USB extension cable, 3.5 mm RCA splitter, and also a dwell clicker 2 demo.

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