Dina Lamp: Value Awareness of Energy, Light, and Money in A Lamp

Dina Lamp 8

Dina Lamp is designed with a value awareness concept for you. The concept is about saving more energy, light, and money with a lamp in your own home. Dina Lamp will help you a lot to remember that we must pay for every lighting resource that we use. This unique lamp can be used if you have medium or big sized coins. You will not only save your money but also remember to save more energy.

Different Way

Dina Lamp 1

Dina Lamp is a result of an idea to save energy, light, and money in a different way. The idea of this stylish lamp is not only great but also cool. You will not find other lamps with the same idea just like this awesome one.



Dina Lamp 2

You just need to have more medium and or big sized coin to use Dina Lamp. There is a coin hole at the top part of the lamp. Once you put one coin in it, the lamp will give you a warm and adorable light. It is simple and also easy to use.



Dina Lamp 3

Dina Lamp not only comes with a great idea about remembering us to save energy, light, and money but also offers a stylish design to decor your home. Basically, this lamp is a kind of modern lamp with its futuristic design style. The lower part of the light is designed in black color and the upper part is white.



Dina Lamp 4

Dina Lamp only has one lever to help you turn it off. Once you feel that you need to save more energy from this lamp, you just need to pull the level smoothly. It will rightly turn off the light off. The lever design is also unique because it is made from wood material.


Awareness Value

Dina Lamp 5

Dina Lamp 8

Many people think that lamp is just a small energy that we use every day. In fact, when you can use a lamp well in your home, you can save the energy more efficiently. That’s why Dina Lamp comes with the awareness value of saving more light, energy, and also money simply from your home.


First Sketch

Dina Lamp 10

Here is the first sketch of Dina Lamp. Start by sketching some different forms, shapes, and sizes, Dina Lamp finally comes in this unique design. The design is also about the idea of saving money, especially with the coin hole.

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