OneStep+ i-Type Camera: New Polaroid Instant Camera with More Best Features

OneStep I Type Camera 9

OneStep+ i-Type Camera is the evolution of OneStep 2 with more best features to capture every moment. It is a new Polaroid instant camera. You can use this camera with the Polaroid Originals app wirelessly via Bluetooth. OneStep+ i-Type Camera lets you shoot anywhere and anytime.


OneStep I Type Camera 9

OneStep I Type Camera 6

OneStep I Type Camera 8

OneStep I Type Camera 3

OneStep+ i-Type Camera is designed with six tools. It has light painting features, double exposure, manual mode, remote trigger, and much more. With the secondary portrait lens, you can get closer to an object with sharper quality.



OneStep I Type Camera 7

OneStep+ i-Type Camera will make a clear result in a sharp detail, especially for the portrait. The detailed photographs can close as 30 cm or 12 inches away.


Light Painting

OneStep I Type Camera 2

Using this camera, you can use the light source with the paintbrush, draw some best pictures in the air and capture them nicely in your frame.


Remote Shutter

OneStep I Type Camera 4

You can even use your smartphone as a remote shutter trigger. You can collect some best photos without missing one of the photos again.


Noise Trigger

OneStep I Type Camera 5

You can trigger the shutter of OneStep+ i-Type Camera with a noise, such as a bark of a dog, a pool splash, and also a hand clap.



OneStep I Type Camera 10

This camera has a timer up to a 25-second countdown. It allows you to create perfect-timed photos with the best result.



OneStep I Type Camera 11

OneStep+ i-Type Camera allows you to have a full control to use it. You use it maximally with its photo ejection. flash intensity, shutter speed, and also camera’s aperture.



OneStep I Type Camera 1

The double exposure offers you to capture two photos only in one single frame. You can create expressive and also surreal compositions of your photo face.

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