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Although a professional camera is still the most common preference in making a creative digital product, the development of a smartphone camera is becoming more and more common due to its mobility. Eliminating the shake and those little tremors are the main task for those who planned to make a digital creation with a smartphone.

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In order to be able to produce a solid digital creative product, the equipment must be of quality so that the results can get a professional look. A handle grip is one of the tools that you can trust to create high-quality digital creations and Shoulderpod has the best range of handle grip products to choose from.

Shoulderpod’s products in its own shape are already an astonishing product but things can get better as each product can get be combined with each other. Simply to put, the lineup of Shoulderpod’s products are modular.

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This professional tool is suitable for creative travelers and visual creators because it allows you to hold a smartphone camera professionally. All mobile devices are safe thanks to an adjustable mechanism and wide rubber pads. Shoulderpod 2

Shoulderpod slapped this product a $ 39.90 in which you will get 1x G1 (Grip), 1x H1 (Handle), and 1x W1 (Wrist Strap).  This type of handle grip is the first professional equipment with 3 functions at once, namely the Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Handle, and Traveler Stand. For its function as a tripod mount, the S2 is designed to fit an adjustable model and mechanism.



The most portable smartphone rig-to-carry cellular photography and film-making studios you can do anytime. The ultra-portable rig from Shoulderpod is suitable for those of you who are the true video bloggers.

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R2 is a multifunctional and compact rig that is useful for adding external accessories to your smartphone’s camera. A modular solution to take your photos and video studios wherever you go. The price tag for this product is $ 79.90.



The X1 is the best multifunctional and modular solution to enhance your smartphone camera as a professional photographer. With this product, you will have the best production studio for journalists and video producers.Shoulderpod 1

With all the sophistication embedded, the X1 has a professional microphone, lights, up to an extra battery for your smartphone. In addition to being multifunctional, the X1 is a modular and portable solution that can be configured quickly.

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Shoulderpod structure and craft excellent apparatuses for helping columnists, movie producers, and content makers to create astounding stories with their cell phone cameras and offer them with the world. It’s all started with Shoulderpod

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