Velox Electric Skateboards: Engineered for Exceptional Off Road Performance

Velox Electric Skateboards 4

Now, playing skateboarding does not require you to push it with your feet because the advancement already embraced in the latest revolution of skateboarding as it accompanied by an electric motor. Velox became one of the first electric skateboards with exceptional off-road performance.

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Velox Electric Skateboards are designed with strong components making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks, especially with a strong brushless hub motor. The independent suspension system is designed for more than six inches of travel so that you can easily cross even the roughest terrain.


Sleek SX-5

Velox Electric Skateboards 4

The first type of e-skateboards from Velox is known to be nimble and responsive with four sensorless hub motors paired with 9-inch tubeless off-road tires. This design provides the performance needed for off-road electric skateboards.

If the road is getting rough, the skateboards can add six inches of suspension to keep the ride smooth and controlled. Velox price this skateboard in the range of $ 2,595.00.


Sleek XC-6

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The second type of Velox electric skateboards has a beautiful design and is able to cross every corner of the country smoothly and stably.

The XC-6 will provide a pleasant driving sensation on all road surfaces. With a lithium battery as the main source, the capacity of the battery can be extended for longer travel times and distances.

Velox Electric Skateboards 6

Ten-inch wheels with tubeless tires and super strong BLDC motors are able to provide as much torque as desired. The Sleek XC-6 is suitable for campsites, exploring footpaths or exploring even more difficult streets.


Stealth SX-5

Velox Electric Skateboards 2

This skateboard has four responsive BLDC motors that are paired with 9-inch style off-road tires to conquer all terrain smoothly.

Riding this skateboard and you will feel happy with the speed provided. Even though it’s fast, this skateboard remains strong and calm so it will keep you standing and keep going. The price of this electric skateboard is $ 2,650.00.


Stealth XC-6

Velox Electric Skateboards 1

With a beautiful design, the electric skateboard can accompany you across the country with a smooth and stable ride. The Stealth XC-6 has a strong lithium battery and its use can be extended. Basically, the specifications of this type of skateboard are almost the same as the Sleek XC-6.

However, the difference is that it is equipped with a battery charger, binding ratchet buckle and wireless controller to makes it easier to use it. The price of the Stealth XC-6 is $ 3,550.00.

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