Woodsum Pinhole Camera: DIY Wooden High Quality Camera

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Woodsum Pinhole Camera is an analog camera made of wood which in order to use it, it needs to be assembled directly by the user. The retro looks camera will come to you in an unassembled condition. Woodsum Pinhole Camera uses 35 mm film which is the most used and easily available film size.

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Woodsum Pinhole Camera uses quality wood that is cut using UV light. Even the camera’s viewfinder is also made of wood. This analog camera can also be used with a tripod, making it easier to shoot.

“A pinhole camera is an analogue camera that allows you to take a picture through a small pinhole instead of a lens. You cannot expect a clear picture as you would from a digital camera, but you can enjoy the “nostalgic aesthetics” as you can take pictures by adjusting the amount of light on your own.”  – Warm Material, Inc

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Woodsum is best for individuals who are looking for unique leisure activity. Make the most of your mending time with this breathtaking camera and make your very own an incentive as you experience the appeal of taking part in this imaginative action.

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Offering a novel crafting method, the Woodsum Pinhole Camera pieces all the interconnect part together effortlessly. For helpful transport, the Woodsum Pinhole Camera also put on snares to mounting a tie on the two sides.

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Woodsum Pinhole Camera is available in 3 different color choices, namely gorgeous red, adorable beige, and classic brown. This camera is the perfect gift for those who love photography or want to make it as a collection. Woodsum Pinhole Camera can be purchased for $ 43 via their Kickstarter page with an estimated delivery to be this month.


Woodsum Pinhole Camera

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