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The emerging of action cameras opens up more opportunities to be creative in the field of videography. Now there are many products available on that line, but most are specifically for serious consumers. The search for camera action that is ‘friendly’ and suitable for the lay audience continues, and finally, one developer hopes to present the most optimal solution.

Flex Cam Oppy 6

The startup company called Boud introduced Flex Cam. According to the designers behind it, the device is not just a camera, but an ‘extension of yourself that is integrated into all aspects of life. Flex Cam is mixed by combining practical videography technology and a simple but very functional design solution.


You Mold It, Capture It!

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Flex Cam has a longitudinal appearance, with the lens module in the head position. The body part was deliberately made to resemble creatures like in the film Monster Inc. where the lens acts as his eye. The body is very flexible and sturdy, allowing the user to mold the Flex Cam at will, or attach it to any object without additional accessories.


How To

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How to use it is no less simple. All you need to do is press one button to access the basic functions. For example, pressing a little longer will activate or deactivate it, press once for a photo and twice to start the recording process. You don’t need to worry when carrying it while playing underwater, Flex Cam has obtained IP7 certification, capable of recording on the 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes.

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The basic capabilities of Flex Cam are not arbitrary. In this version, the camera is equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle 124 degrees that can record up to 2160p resolution with a maximum of 120 frame rates. There, Boud lists up to 32GB of memory and a 950mAh battery for taking about one and a half hours of video. Plus, it can be controlled via direct USB on-the-go.


All You Want, All You Need!

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The benefits and target consumers of Flex Cam Oppy may be equated with the Polaroid Cube. But when the Cube feature is limited, on the freedom side, the product from the South Korean startup is clearly superior. Flex Cam can be paired in the hand as a bracelet, or in bags, buckles, legs, skateboards to bicycle handlebars – without mounting. Each method provides unique video results.

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