Knister Grill – The Extendable BBQ You Can transport by Bike

Knister Grill 9

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy the World Cup with your family over the camping, and if you need a grill that will always satisfy your need, Kniste is here. Knister is the first extendable charcoal grill you can transport by bike. Simply hook it to the handlebars and let’s go!

Knister Grill 9

But just because you can transport it with the bike, It’s still hazardous to ride on public streets with hot charcoal on your bike. S So please dispose of the hot coal before you mount it again to your bicycle – it takes around 3 minutes until the point that the BBQ is cool and ready to be transported again.


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Stretch out Knister to a bigger barbecue grill. Leave the BBQ little on the off chance that you are with 2-3 people and broaden it when you have a BBQ with 8-9 companions. Knister fits each circumstance splendidly – regardless of how enormous your gathering is. Amid the vehicle by bicycle, the two sliders are held together by the treated steel flame broil rack.

Fit Perfectly

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Knister fits every single regular handlebar – regardless of whether in the event that you have a city-, mountain-or racing bicycle. Simply put the non-permanent connection on your handlebars and slide in the BBQ from the top.

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It just takes a couple of moments. You can modify the length of the connection with two thumbscrews, and you just need to this once when you utilize it for the first time. The maker guarantees that Knister will fit your bicycle 100% and it never limits you amid the ride.

Easy to Transport

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Just carry the BBQ like a normal basket if you use public transport or the car to get to the beach, lake or park.

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The entire component isn’t perpetual: Neither the connection to the BBQ nor the connection to your bicycle, simply expel it in the event that you needn’t bother with it any longer.


Easy to Clean

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Simply put the grill into the dishwasher, as it is dishwasher proof. Right now, the Knister maker invested a ton of energy time to locate the ideal covering that you can put the entire BBQ into the dishwasher.


Sustainable Product

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The product is designed using as meager material and vitality amid the assembling as could be allowed. You can likewise reuse it totally in light of the fact that every one of the segments can be isolated from each other. Knister conveys the ideal arrangement against dispensable grills out there. You can pledge the project on their Kickstarter page from € 69 for the super early bird deal.

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