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Sansui Humidifier 7

With global warming and climate change, we as a human is breathing worse air than we did 100 years ago. The forward-thinking product maker is trying their best try to pure this breathing space by creating lots and lots of product that will act as the humidifier. Some go to the length of making it superbly robotic, while SanSui takes on a different approach.

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Most products out there nowadays always try a bit too much in their endeavor to be tasteful and utilitarian. The SanSui does both, yet in addition, it also has a class and energy to it that goes past being stylish and practical. It looks great, performs well, at the end of the day, mitigates one’s spirit as well.


Individual Humidifier

Sansui Humidifier 7

SanSui is a wonderfully created individual humidifier and fragrant healing diffuser that was taking its inspiration from Zen physiology and Natural material science. Sitting inside its empty space is a diorama in felt. The felt diorama (a delineation of Mt. Fuji and a few veils of mist) coasts when you empty water into the wooden box through the openings.

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SanSui is propelled and composed with the guidelines of dynamic material science and using assimilation and vanishing to make a rich humidifier and smell diffuser to add some zen to any home or office space.


How To Use

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Simply fill the SanSui reservoir with water, secure the felt silhouette slides onto the foam float, place the SanSui lid on top. Then add a few drops of essential oils as needed. It is also designed as a modern ornamental piece to be appreciated as traditional culture is creatively integrated into a modern living environment.

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As the day cruises by, the water gets consumed by the bits of felt, and discharged into the air, going about as a characteristic humidifier. The water level bit by bit drops after some time, and the mountain and mists dive again into the wooden box.


Natural Material

Sansui Humidifier 2

The packages included a wood store/wood cover/froth skim/felt slides. The wooden repository and top are delightfully made from one bit of strong wood and finished to make a smooth surface.

Sansui Humidifier 1

The characteristic wood developing ring surface in the wood makes each and every piece remarkable. It is covered with a high caliber and sustenance item clear covering to shield the wood from water and dampness.


The Zen

Sansui Humidifier 3

Besides functioning as a humidifier and aroma diffuser, SanSui is also designed as a beautiful home decor piece, like a contemporary Bonsai with peaceful functionality. If you feel like you need to have this stunning humidifier, you can get one by pledging US$ 35 on their Kickstarter page.

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