Typified Weather Poster: the first updating paper poster

Typified Weather Poster 2

Nowadays, checking weather forecasts is no longer a difficult thing with so many applications available for smartphones. But all of that is just gonna be a huge lie if we just remembered to check it shortly after leaving the residence.

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A more ideal solution can be by using a smart display like Google Home Hub, especially if the device is placed near the exit of the house or apartment. Yes, we know, Google Home Hub is pricey so let’s take a look at a cheap alternative, a device called Weather Poster.

Weather Poster may be categorized as a smart display, but it is actually nothing more than a piece of paper equipped with a microprocessor. Especially, this paper is printed using smart ink which can change color when heated.

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Armed with data from the internet, the icons found on this poster will change color based on the weather conditions. Yes, this device can only function to display the weather forecast, and that too is very limited. But we also have to remember that this gadget is not equipped with a digital screen at all.

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Therefore, Weather Poster will be ideal as a room decoration as well as a reminder to bring an umbrella if it is hung near your front door. The developer, an Australian startup named Typified, intentionally combines art and technology elements to create products that are useful in modern life like Weather Poster.

Typified Weather Poster 2

Well, we did say cheap, but that cheap since the price tag is quite expensive. On Kickstarter, Typified sets the lowest early bird price of $ 119. Not to mention there is an annual fee of $ 7.5 for weather forecast data after two years of free use.

One final note, given that the “smart ink” on the poster reacts to heat, the developer does not advise consumers who live in hot areas to buy it, because Weather Poster’s performance will be quite chaotic if the temperature at the residence stays at 29 ° C or more.

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