Asobu® Coldbrew: An Innovative Way to Make A Coffee

Asobu® Coldbrew 5

Asobu® Coldbrew will help give you another innovative way to make a coffee which is fun and easy. It is an insulated portable brewer that can combine the cold water, coffee grounds, and a long steeping time with an awesome method. Asobu® Coldbrew will make your coffee tastes better and delicious, whether you want to enjoy it hot or cold.


Asobu® Coldbrew 5

Asobu® Coldbrew 6

Asobu® Coldbrew 7

Asobu® Coldbrew is a lightweight and portable copper insulated steel carafe. The lids are 100% leak-proof, so you don’t need to worry about spilling your coffee out. This product can keep your coffee concentrate in cold and fresh conditions for hours.



Asobu® Coldbrew 8

Asobu® Coldbrew 9

Asobu® Coldbrew is made from copper that insulated by steel. This kind of materials makes the whole design of this product looks very cool. The design is also made carefully so it fits perfectly in your grips when you need to bring it on a walk.



Asobu® Coldbrew 4

Asobu® Coldbrew 3

Asobu® Coldbrew 2

Asobu® Coldbrew 1

Asobu® Coldbrew is available in four different colors, Black/Black, Copper/Black, Silver/Black, and White/White. It must be fun to bring this portable brewer in your car, in the park, or your office with your favorite color design on it.

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