eufyCam: Wireless Security Camera with Facial Recognition Technology

EufyCam 11

All you need for your home security is eufyCam. It is a wireless security camera with the best facial recognition technology and 365-day battery. This camera has a motion detection with 1080 full HD resolution. You will also get free local storage to save all records and a night vision feature. Using eufyCam, you will not be charged with monthly free at all.


EufyCam 11

When other security cameras will give you a lot of major headaches, eufyCam comes with the best features ever. This security camera is wire-free without monthly fees. This camera is full HD with one charge for one year and also weatherproof. eufyCam is also perfect to be used at night because of its night vision.



EufyCam 6

You just need to stick eufyCam mount onto a flat surface and it will be ready to be used. You can also stick it onto metallic surfaces. With the magnetic mount, you will have easy angle adjustments and relocation. If you don’t want to use the magnetic mount, try to install it with the included screw mount.



EufyCam 12

eufyCam is a perfect wireless security camera that can be used anywhere, like your backyard, living room, nursery, and also the entrance of your home. It will monitor all things in those areas, including every motion.



EufyCam 2

eufyCam has the longest battery life in a security camera industry. Eufy Security works together with Anker, a leader of charging technology. They maximize the charging speed and also the efficiency of this security camera battery.


Face Recognition Technology

EufyCam 10

When other security cameras send false alarms because of dogs and birds, eufyCam is different. It can reduce those false alarms with filtering process and 3-step scanning. You just need to register your family and trusted friends, so this camera can determine to send you alarms or not.



EufyCam 1

eufyCam has 140 degrees wide-angle lens to give you an awesome view without any spots missed. That’s why this camera is perfect to catch people walking towards or past your home. The wide-angle is also completed with a large f2.2 aperture.


Night Vision

EufyCam 4

Sony Exmor sensor is combined with the large f2.2 aperture to give you full HD surveillance. eufyCam will give you a bright and sharp video in the day. It will also create clear and crisp night vision footage which is easy to be seen.



EufyCam 13

eufyCam is made from the best material, a cutting-edge ASA composite. It makes this camera has a good strength and also protection from the extreme weather. eufyCam works well both outdoors and also indoors of your home.



EufyCam 3

eufyCam is built with speaker and microphone for your direct communication using your smartphone. This direct communication suits well for your front door. You can speak to whoever that walks up to your beautiful home.


Live Video

EufyCam 14

Your smartphone can be used as a high-resolution streaming media if you open the eufy security app. You can see what this security camera sees in a real-time with the best resolution ever. It is clean and also clear for your eyes.



EufyCam 9

The app has an easy setup, you can use it in less than 10 minutes. The app also allows you to review some previous recordings right from your smartphone. The multi-cam access offers a stream footage from the camera units at once.



EufyCam 8

eufyCam has a compact size which is easy to be installed. The resolution is 1080p with H.264 and high profile video format. The image sensor comes from Sony Exmor. The weight is only 13 oz or 370 g. eufyCam can be supported with some platforms, Android 4.4 or later, iOS 8 or later, and web browser.



EufyCam 7

Once you have eufyCam, you will get some things included. They are home base, magnetic mount, screw mount, power adapter, USB charging cable, and also ethernet cable. The power adapter comes in 3 configurations based on your postal address.

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