Volitan: A Friendly Boat for the Future with Four Wings

Volitan 2

This boat name takes from the flying fish name in the Mediterranean. Volitan is a 2007 design concept of a boat which is friendly for the environment. It is considered as the best alternative in the future. With a lot of awards, Volitan can show how a design concept in a boat can be so interesting with its four wings and its combination of the technology using batteries.


Volitan 1

Volitan 2

Volitan can work using solar power, wind, and sails. It can be used around while the batteries keep the energy savings. It also gets fresh water right from the sea water. This boat is an environmentally friendly boat without any carbon dioxide emissions at all.



Volitan 3

Volitan 4

The main secret of this friendly boat is its operation that can be used in 60-knot winds. The four wings of Volitan can react to any weather conditions. It is also supported by the sail design too so it can work faster than other boats that you have ever seen.



Volitan 5

Volitan 6

Volitan also becomes a new symbol of a boat, especially in awareness on the resources sustainable use in the sea. It also brings a solution for the current issues of a boat. Volitan shows how the innovation in a boat can be a good revolution for the design.

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