LeBitGo: A Fun Hand Tool Set For Creative Inspirations and Imaginations

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LeBitGo is a special hand tool set. It is a fun and creative tool with high-quality material. The design of LeBitGo comes in a unique shape, it will challenge you to create awesome arts and DIY projects. These hand tools are made of some different materials like stainless steel,  SS & Nylon++ and titanium. You can make your own creation with your own freestyle in arts.


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LeBitGo comes with transformative, fun, handy, and also inspiring design for you. The concept is about an idea of building blocks, various magnetic properties and giving the best DIY experiences. It is friendly and very practical to be used.



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LeBitGo is designed with three basic units. They are the cap, two-headed piece, and hex unit. The cap is the black end piece that made from Chromium-Vanadium alloy steel. The two-headed piece is one piece CNC machined Chromium-Vanadium alloy steel with two different bit size.

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The last unit is hex unit. Hex unit are the bits that made from CNC processed and S2 alloy steel. Besides those three units, LeBitGo also comes in 3 different materials, especially for the hex units. The materials are 64 Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, and Nylon ++.



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Nylon++ makes this fun hand tool is lightweight. This material is lighter than aluminum and also as strong as aluminum alloy.

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316 Stainless Steel is used to give ruse free and hardness pieces. Allium LLC took more than three years, considering to use this material with a lot of processing issues.

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64 Titanium has a good temperature resistance, including low resistance, high resistance, base resistance, and also acid resistance. It makes LeBitGo has low density and high strength, a perfect material for you to be creative.



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The design of LeBitGo is very compact. It is a light duty hand tool set with PVD coated and rust free on its body. The Nylon++ also makes it strong as aluminum alloy. LeBitGo is also easy to be paired with another tool as you wish based on your project need.



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The correct size of LeBitGo makes it very easy to be carried. It solves many problems that you find on other traditional hand tool sets. It is made for your fun and also your creative idea with an easy use without any problem in rust.



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Some elements are added to increase LeBitGo functionality. Each unit of this fun hand tool can be connected easily and firmly only with one click. The magnets will keep those units and some metal small parts well when you are working on your awesome DIY projects.

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LeBitGo also can be mom’s new hand tool set. This tool can hold shopping list, photos, memos, and more on a storage. Surely, it will be perfect to be used as a magnet for your family photos on the refrigerator or other storage.



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LeBitGo also can be used for your home decoration. You can put on your dining table or your study desk. It can be a unique decoration that can make your home interior looks interesting than before. Ask your kids to create a creative figure that can decor your home.



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You can use LeBitGo for your kids up to 12 years old. This hand tool set truly designed as a fun toy. It can be an inspirational and decorative piece in your daily life. The best way to transform your desk and table into an interesting furniture.



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LeBitGo can be used as you pen holder…

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Or your business card holder… Fun and inspiring your creativity…


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