YikeBike – The Award Winning Fully Electric Folding Bike

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Time named YikeBike one of the best inventions of 2009  and the New Zealand creators have pushed forward with the outline, as of late dispatching two new models into the market.

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The YikeBike is something of a cross breed between a car and a bike. Or on the other hand, possibly it’s a hybrid of a bike and a Segway.

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It keeps running on a lithium-particle battery that is fueled to some extent by regenerative braking, implying that it charges in a hurry. The new Model V and Model C units are intended to achieve a most extreme speed of around 14.3 miles per hour.

Model V

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The model V is built of hydroformed aluminum and composite strengthened polymer intended to give you the freedom to roam around freely.

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The additional option of an articulated 3 wheel rear axle offers flexibility and different riding configurations that will help the newbie to adapt faster to the way the model works.

Model C

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Material arrangement and completing convey a definitive in boasting rights. Cutting edge carbon-fiber development materials and hand completing means there are just a couple of model C’s accessible to the recognizing purchaser.

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The model C is the lightest and most unbending YikeBike the company offer, with carbon fiber – Frame, Rear Leg, Front Wheel and Handlebar assembly. The maker is utilizing the most recent Panasonic Lithium Ion batteries to help complete the tech inside the bike.


The Exclusive Award-Winning Foldable Bike

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YikeBike delivers your personal freedom in which the design offers an indulgence, fun, and freedom encompassed inside technology. But to get this “fun and freedom” thingy you have to pay USD$4995 for the V model and USD$7995 for the C Model.

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