The Vintage Shelby: Inspired Generations of Enthusiasts to Strive for more

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Vintage Electric Bikes collaborated with Carroll Shelby International to produce an electric bicycle called the Vintage Electric Shelby. The fierce-looking bike is inspired by Carroll Shelby’s 289 Slabside or commonly called a Cobra car.

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Caroll Hall Shelby was an American car racer who held many records in his prime day – 1950s. The American National Champion and 24 Hours of Le Mans is two of the most prestigious award included in his astonishing winning record.

In 1960, Shelby chooses to quit his career from the racing world and began designing cars which commonly known as Cobra Sport. The company first released its product in 1962.

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One of the designs that came up from the legend was the infamous Shelby Cobra 289 Slabside. Fast forward to the electric world, the Cobra Sportcar has become a reference for Vintage Electric Shelby that was released in a limited edition where there are only 300 bikes available.

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The collaboration product appears in the classic metallic blue hue plus a black doff strip where the Shelby logo was coupled with the Cobra badge. The matching seats and grips such as Cobra’s popular cabin trim were also included in the electric bike.

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The collaboration doesn’t stop there as the bike is coupled with a high-quality hydroformed aluminum handlebar and saddle with a classic touch with black and blue and silver accents.

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The Vintage Shelby has a large 48-volt battery with an 1123 watt battery cell. The battery is placed in a matte black aluminum box which can also get quickly charged in just under 4.5 hours. When the battery is full, the electric bike can go as far as 120 km.

The Vintage Shelby 4

The electric bicycle is also equipped with inverted-ford MRP technology to adjust acceleration by pressing only one button. As for the speed, the vintage Shelby is capable to go as fast as 36 mph or 57.9 km per hour.

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