Electra Café Moto Go: the ultimate combination of badass retro style and modern technology

Electra Café Moto Go 2

Cafe Moto Go is one of the most luxurious and modern bikes in the market today. The company that creates Moto Go Cafe, Electra has quite a lot in their lineup but Cafe Moto Go itself is a very interesting model. The manufacturer of this bike combines retro style with a touch of modern technology that is not only amazing but fascinating.

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Before going deep into the specs, you should know that this electric bike has a calm Bosch performance line +, which is rated very good and also strong in the market. The battery that is embedded inside the bicycle frame will last up to 130 Km in normal conditions.

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As it is powered by a Bosch Performance Speed ​​engine, with the help of pedals, this e-bike can reach a top speed of up to 25 km/hour. Café Moto Go is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes so that it can control the speed it produced.

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Cafe Moto Go also has a hydroformed tank, high-quality leather saddle planting batteries, saddlebags and so on. The Gets Carbon Belt Drive transmission system hardly needs maintenance. Thus, the changes in gear are so smooth that they don’t make a sound because this bike using a continuously variable speed regulator.

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Moving on to the frame, the body of Cafe Moto Go bike is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6, while the performance of the Bosch performance speed is rated at 350 W. The Powertube battery capacity is around 500 WH, with 4 hours of charging time and 2 hours of nonstop usage.

Electra Café Moto Go 2

Hayers Prime Sport hydraulic brakes with 203 mm front disc brakes, 180 mm rear with 2 Finger Hayers Prime Sport brake lever is the guardian of the biker on this e-bike.

The shifter used on this bike is coming from the infamous Envilo City Mechanical so that the changing in gear will always be smoother. In addition to that, the pedal used in the Cafe Moto Go is the Cap Crank Brothers 2 while the tire used is the 26 “x 2.8” from Vee Rubber Speedster.

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Lastly, the flat foot technology offered and patented by Cafe Moto Go guarantees an upright sitting position and ensures that your shoulders, arms and wrists can stay relax. The biker will always have a safe footing because their feet will always reach the ground quickly without having to get up or balance the bike.

All the greatness comes with a price, and  $4,500 is the numbers that will grant you this limited edition Cafe Moto Go.

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