Ion Heart – The Special Case of Zero Xu Tracker by Colt Wrangler

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 1

You might think it’s easy, but the task to build an attractive custom bike in addition to the state of the electric bike is the hardest task out there. Without a conventional motor to grapple the visuals, it’s insidiously difficult to make an appealing machine.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 1

Which makes this Zero XU road tracker from Colt Wrangler is one of the freshest-looking custom bikes which is noteworthy outwardly and powerful within.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 5

The first idea was to manufacture a bistro racer, conceivably with full fairings. Be that as it may, in the wake of riding the bicycle in its unique shape, the position is now on a par with it as of now had, so the tuner goes for a road tracker look.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 2

The Zero is staying quite in a basic plan in manufacturing plant frame, just the body part that was all hand-shape worked from aluminum sheet, which demonstrates a vintage gas tank to set over the best tube.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 4

Colt’s kept the original wiring harness but did move a lot of electrical components around. The digital gauge is under the false tank, which lifts up with the push of a button. With the tank lifted, a button on the tail section is revealed, which allows it to be removed completely.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 3

The Zero also has the alternative battery pack in advance, which likewise holds the charging links and connectors, and additional space to purge your pockets.

Ion Heart Colt Wrangler 7

Fog light and number plate combos have been done on a such significantly finished a previous couple of years, yet the last shape ended up being the novel case for the bicycle. The Ion Heart might look familiar, but believes me, it’s not.

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