500 series MTB: The Price Versus Performance Solid bike!

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For those of you lovers of mountain biking, having an MTB with excellent specifications and quality is certainly an obligation. MTB with good quality is very influential on the level of enthusiasm for enduring this heavy demanding sport.

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No wonder many of those bike lovers are very careful in choosing the type of MTB to become their best friends in exploring various types of terrain and trajectories. The price tag is also another concern in choosing one and that’s why Ride1Up is taking a bold step by releasing The 500 series MTB.

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The 500 Series MTB has a frame with 6061 aluminum alloy material, resulting in a lightweight frame but still super strong and sturdy. Combined it with other components from Shimano such as derrailer, shifters, and freewheels.

In addition to that, the latest series from Ride1Up also has a monitor screen and equipped with street lights that will make it’s owner become comfortable to ride at any time. There are also some other supporting components of electric bike that will complement any ride.

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The front and rear brakes on the 500 series MTB utilize Tektro mechanical brake which is a type of hydraulic nutt. This model is almost the same as that applied to motorized vehicles, so the rider can control the grip of their fingers easily when passing through the slippery road.

The rider will also get other features such as U-lock that fits the frame and can lock the wheels to prevent your bike from being lost. This bike is also equipped with an LCD screen to display the speedometer and rechargeable street lights that will make your adventure more comfortable.

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In a way, The 500 series MTB is specifically designed to drive long distances every day with a very upright comfortable driving position. Because of the fall of the frame, it fits all the sizes of the rider. With the price tag that starting form $1,199, the 500 series is the ultimate price versus performance solid bike.



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