e-Scrambler Ducati: It Will Allow You to Ride Freely in Style.

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Ducati has just introduced its latest electric bicycle that according to its design language is clearly targeted for urban lines. The e-scrambler is a product that came fruitful after the collaboration between Ducati and Thok e-Bike.

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Scrambler type electric bikes are designed for daily activities with a fairly high cruising distance. So that the pedals are given an engine to lighten the user’s paddle load.

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The Ducati e-Scrambler is powered by the Shimano Steps E7000 engine with 250 Watts of power to produce a maximum torque of 60 Nm. This machine is quite light, which is 2.8 kg and does not become a significant additional burden.

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The engine is powered by Shimano 504 Wh Lithium-Ion battery with Fast Charging capability. Charging 0-80% can be achieved within 2.5 hours and 0-100% within 8 hours. The high-quality battery is tested 1,000 times charging with no significant power loss.

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Equipped with a Bracket rod on the back of the bicycle, it is useful for placing loaded bags on both sides. This type is indeed designed to help the rider of the e-Scramble Ducati.

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With a simple classic design, but still full of modern touches and sophisticated technology, this particular e-bike is the right choice for everyday journeys. Plus, it is environmentally friendly.

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The e-Scrambler is equipped with high-quality ex-works. The XCR 34 fork with 80 mm travel comes from Suntour and according to Ducati, the saddle should increase the comfort on the e-Scrambler. The only color currently available is classic scrambler yellow. Ducati’s electric bicycles are tagged at € 3,699.

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