Super 73 S-Series: Electric Motorbike that Will Take You Anywhere

Super 73 S Series 4

Lithium Cycles with their best Super 73 S-Series is a perfect option for you who love to have an electric motorbike. The thing that makes this electric motorbike series look different is the design. The whole design of Super 73 S-Series is made for sandy beaches, rugged trails, and also you with a youthful lifestyle. Here are the series of this motorbike that you can choose.

Super 73®Z

Super 73 S Series 4

The first electric motorbike is called Super 73®Z. It is the newest addition in the series. This motorbike comes with 15mph top speed and 350watts of power. It will be a perfect motorbike for you who want to feel a great adventure in a smaller package.


Super 73® Original 2018

Super 73 S Series 6

The next one is called Super 73® Original 2018. This bike is very easy to recognize because of its red color design. The design is special for you who want to have a comfortable ride. The pleasure ride comes from its plush motorcycle bench seat, creating a natural riding position for you.


Super 73® S Army Green

Super 73 S Series 3

If you love about an army green color, then you should choose Super 73® S. It is an awesome electric motorbike for a fun ready-for-adventure transportation. The feel of riding this motorbike is easy like riding a bicycle.


Super 73® S1 White

Super 73 S Series 1

Super 73® S1 White comes for you who love to have a simple color for an electric motorbike but still adorable. This motorbike is designed with a high performance and also a long range-electric technology. You don’t need any registration or license to ride this motorbike.


Super 73® S1 Black

Super 73 S Series 2

If you don’t like the white color, then you can choose the black. Super 73® S1 Black comes to give you a cool look of an electric motorbike. This series has the same specification as the white one, it is a long range-electric motorbike with the best performance ever.


S-Series Fender Set

Super 73 S Series 5

It is the official custom set for Super 73 S-Series fenders. The 3 piece sets can be used for all S-Series: SG1, SG, S1, and S models. The fender set is made with a high-quality ABS and very easy to install on the motorbike.

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