GenZe e-Bike: A Perfect e-Bike for Riders with Sleek Design

GenZe E Bike 2

Another great product from GenZe with a sleek design. GenZe e-Bike is built for all riders with its awesome design and style. This e-bike comes in two different models, 200 Series e-Bike and 100 Series e-Bike. After you choose on them, you can build your own e-bike style by choosing the color, frame style, frame size, motor, and also accessories.

100 Series e-Bike

GenZe E Bike 5

This model is a perfect e-Bike for riders new to an electric bike or new riders. The design is elegant with easily accessible and affordable price. If you use this bike, you can have a lot of fun time with your family and friend in riding a bike.


200 Series e-Bike

GenZe E Bike 2

200 Series e-Bike offers a sleek design, connected app, and also integrated display. This bike will take you to the best experience in riding a bike ever at a new level. The color of this e-bike surely will make your fashion looks stylish too.


200 Series Detail

GenZe E Bike 1

200 Series e-Bikes from GenZe is designed with two frame options, two colors, and also two sizes. It has a removable or integrated battery. It offers throttle and pedal assist ride modes with integrated LCD display and connected app.


100 Series Detail

GenZe E Bike 4

100 Series e-Bikes will give you two frames options and also three sizes. Same with the 200 Series, this e-bike also has integrated or removable battery, throttle and pedal assist ride modes for your comfortable ride with it.



GenZe E Bike 3

GenZe e-Bikes are a public transit-friendly bike. You can bring it on board as you wish. It makes your trip from your lovely home or office to the station feel smooth and also hassle-free. It is easy and a perfect simple transportation for your trip.

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