BeoVision Eclipse: Inviting You to Sit and Enjoy The Special Moment Together

BeoVision Eclipse 11

Just press pause and play, that’s a simple way to use BeoVision Eclipse. This awesome TV is an innovative product that invites you to sit and also enjoy every special moment with your family. It is a definitive TV with the best TV sound ever and 4K HDR OLED screen technology. You can also custom BeoVision Eclipse cover as you wish with different material.


BeoVision Eclipse 10

BeoVision Eclipse offers new smoked oak and brass tone edition. The design meets your lifestyle perfectly and becomes one of the best things in your home. You can combine the brass-toned aluminum and smoked oak wood as you wish.



BeoVision Eclipse 2

With BeoVision Eclipse, you can get the most vivid and brightest color in absolute black contrast. It creates cinematic imagery with its OLED 4K images and HDR (High Dynamic Range) together with Dolby Vision™.



BeoVision Eclipse 11

The screen of BeoVision Eclipse is designed with OLED 4K technology. Just leave the conventional screen technology behind. With this kind of screen, you will absolutely enjoy a high-quality image of all things that you watch on the screen.



BeoVision Eclipse 1

BeoVision Eclipse has an outstanding audio for you. It has the world’s best-sounding type ever. 450 watts 3-channel speaker system will fill the room with an awesome sound. The wireless music system also allows you to stream your favorite music. You can use this TV together with Multiroom products.



BeoVision Eclipse 7

BeoVision Eclipse has a sharp black glass screen in an organic aluminum body. It makes the design looks clear and bold. The speakers are covered with the anodized aluminum, high-grade materials. BeoVision Eclipse becomes greater than a TV.


Cover Customisation

BeoVision Eclipse 8

BeoVision Eclipse 5

BeoVision Eclipse 6

There are two types of cover that you can use for the customization, Fabric Cover, and Wood Cover. A fabric speaker cover is a perfect option for more personalized appearance. If you want to have a natural and soft look, then you can choose the crafted wooden cover.



BeoVision Eclipse 4

You can choose a placement option of BeoVision Eclipse based on your need. You can put this TV on an iconic planet stand or floating wall mount. The iconic planet stand offers 90 degrees turn that you can do on it. While floating wall mount makes BeoVision Eclipse appears to be floating mid-air in your room.



BeoVision Eclipse 9

BeoVision Eclipse is available in two sizes, they are 55 inches and 65 inches. Both of the sizes are perfect with all placement options, motorized and manual. If you think that bigger is better for you, then you should choose the bigger size of it.



BeoVision Eclipse 3

With a single click, you can have the best experience in using a TV. Just one remote control, you can do everything with BeoVision Eclipse. This remote will give you a quick and easy access to discover the world’s content much better.

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