Stellina: Share Your Awesome Universe with the Best Telescope Ever

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With a simple button press, you can share your awesome universe with this best telescope ever. Stellina is portable and easy to use. It also can be connected to your smartphone. The design is superbly and compact. You can discover and also share the night sky from your chosen place or just from your home. Stellina will be your best way to enjoy the nights with your family and friends.


Stellina 1

Stellina has a compact design. It is the next generation telescope with a different design from another telescope. It looks unique and also special. This telescope is also user-friendly, even when you never use any telescope before.

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Stellina provides the best technology ever in a telescope. It is a smart one with cutting-edge technologies. You just need to have it to enjoy the night sky. The best part of Stellina is you can connect it to your smartphones to get the best experience and connect all friends and family.



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Stellina is lightweight with compact dimensions. This telescope is very easy to carry wherever you want. It also fits well with your cabin luggage or your backpack. You can bring it for outdoor activities, international travels, or camping trips with your family.

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It has sleek and monoblock design which is not same with another telescope. Stellina also won some awards like Observeur du Design 2018 and Janus du Design 2017. This telescope’s weight is about 24 lbs with 10 hours use of 20,000 mAh power.



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Stellina is a user-friendly telescope. You can discover the universe more by using it together with your smartphone or tablet. Just connect the telescope to the app and the telescope will use the geolocalization to get the best position. Just in 5 minutes, Stellina is ready to shoot comets, sun, moon, and asteroids.



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In Stellina, you can find that it is a smart telescope with its fast, light, and reliable design. It also has some elements like image sensor, computer, motor, and optics that work together. Stellina also uses an image live stacking technology that can give you a better image and reduce the noise.



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Using Stellina’s app, you can share your universe with other much easier. You can also post the pictures rightly to social media using the internet connection. It is very easy to access the community of Stellina user across the world and interact with them. Stellina can be used in iOS and Android.

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1 thought on “Stellina: Share Your Awesome Universe with the Best Telescope Ever”

  1. I am plannign to buy Celestron Astromaster 130 AZ Telescope
    here is the specs suggest me good one
    Newtonian Reflector
    130 mm (5.12 in)
    650 mm (26 in)
    20 mm (0.79 in)
    33 x
    10 mm (0.39 in)
    2 65 x
    Built-on StarPointer
    307 x
    19 x
    1.07 arc seconds
    0.89 arc seconds
    (Compared to human eye) 345 x

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