Vaonis Vespera II Smart Telescope

Vaonis Vespera II Smart Telescope

The Vaonis Vespera II smart telescope represents a significant advancement in the world of astronomy, offering an Ultra-HD cosmos exploration experience. Starting at $1,590, this innovative device is not just a telescope but a seamless fusion of a camera and a telescope, all packed into a user-friendly, portable device.

Revolutionary Design and Technology

The Vespera II boasts up to 24-megapixel image capabilities, ideal for both live observation and astrophotography. It features a quick 5-minute setup and is controlled via a smartphone or tablet, making it accessible even to beginners. The device comes with a comprehensive library of 4,300 objects and an automatic image enhancement feature for live stacking.

Compact and User-Friendly

Designed for durability, the Vespera II is compact, lightweight, and sturdy, ensuring it can withstand various exploration adventures. Its ease of use is further enhanced by features like automatic initialization, pointing, tracking, and live auto-focus, which adjust based on location and sky configuration.

Cutting-Edge Optics and Sensor

The telescope is equipped with a 50mm F/5 quadruplet apochromatic lens and a Sony IMX585 8.3Mp sensor. These components ensure high-quality images with fine details. The device also features an exclusive live mosaic capture technology, CovalENS, allowing for expanded field of view and enhanced image quality.

Singularity App: Your Astronomical Guide

The Singularity app acts as a control room, offering personalized recommendations based on geolocation and an astronomical calendar. It guides users in selecting and tracking celestial objects, enhancing the overall stargazing experience.

Pricing and Availability

The Vespera II smart telescope is available for purchase at $1,590, with shipping starting from January 15th, 2024. Accessories like tripods and filters are available separately to enhance the experience.

Source: Vaonis

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