Canvas 77

The CANVAS 77″ is engineered like a true high-end HiFi speaker, boasting SB Acoustics die-cast aluminum chassis, next-gen paper cone bass/midrange drivers, and high precision silk dome tweeters. Its MDF cabinet is reinforced with the innovative BridgeBrace™ system, ensuring a solid and vibration-free structure. The system includes a 4-channel Burr-Brown DAC, HiFi amplifier, and advanced linear phase DSP crossovers.

Room Correction Technology

Addressing the challenge of bass amplification in typical home settings, CANVAS 77″ integrates a Room Correction system accessible through iOS and Android apps. This technology linearizes the frequency response, optimizing bass output and sound quality. The system can be calibrated using an iPhone microphone or the optional Zen smart reference microphone.

BACCH 3D Sound Imaging

The BACCH 3D technology, developed by Princeton University professor Edgar Choueiri, eliminates sound wave errors, enabling true 3D stereo imaging. This feature ensures that each ear hears only the corresponding speaker, creating an immersive audio experience with depth and clarity.

Universal TV Mount and Connectivity

CANVAS 77’s universal TV mount accommodates most TV sizes and brands, ensuring seamless integration with your television. The speaker features next-gen wireless modules supporting Apple AirPlay 2, Google Cast, Roon, Tidal, Spotify, and HDMI eARC for easy connectivity and synchronization with various devices.

Danish Design and Customization

Emphasizing Danish design principles, CANVAS 77″ combines functionality and aesthetics. The speaker fronts, designed by renowned artists like Anne Fabricius Møller and Cristian Zuzunaga, are available in various colors and patterns, offering customization to match any interior design.

Future-Proof and Service-Friendly

The CANVAS 77″ is designed for longevity, with automatic software updates and upgradable hardware. Its modular structure facilitates easy component replacement, extending the product’s life beyond its 5-year warranty.

Source: CANVAS HiFi

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