Nvidia Shield TV: Time to Level Up!

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Nvidia is hoping that they can expand beyond their specialization in making computer components and switching to manufacturing products. And this expansion has become one of the long shots that are rather unsuccessful – at least for now – for the company that rules the graphics processing units for the gaming and professional market.


But the expansion of the lineup in releasing new products continues and the most recent from Nvidia is the release of the latest generation of Shield TV. For those who miss the news, Shield TV is basically a media streamer, but here the operating system that runs inside is an Android TV.

The company first released the product in 2015 and the biggest change to the latest gen of the Shield TV is that now, the product support for 4K HDR content. Nvidia also claims that the new Shield TV has faster performance than other media streamers on the market today armed with the Tegra X1 chipset.

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Nvidia ensures the availability of abundant content for their Shield TV. One of the most favored is the Ubisoft release games that can be streamed directly from Shield TV, where Nvidia promises the same release schedule as the PC version.

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Another update that is not less interesting is the integration of Google Assistant, where users can basically navigate the device or interact via voice commands, just as Google Speaker offers.

Nvidia also put on the integration of Smart Things, where Shield TV will be the center of control of various smart home devices.

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The users can enjoy 4K HDR content from several platforms, such as Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, VUDU, HBO Now, Sling Television and many more. Nvidia claims that they go beyond every competitor to provide The most 4K entertainment.

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This new generation of Nvidia Shield TV is already available in the marketed for $179. Nvidia also offering several bundles such as the Shield TV Pro bundle that includes a controller, remote and 500 GB of extra storage for $ 299.99. There also Smart Home edition which is marketed for $219.99 and Gaming Edition which available for $199.99.


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