Wilier Zero SLR: Nothing Will Be The Same

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Are you one of the people who like cycling? Or is keen to follow the race on the racetrack? Recently, the Italian bicycle manufacturer, Wilier-Triestina has its latest bike specifically designed to fight on two fronts, namely competing in the superbike market to fight other top producers from various regions and also competing in the arena with the Direct Energie Team.

Wilier Zero Slr 9

The bike is called Wilier Zero SLR. This particular bike has a design suitable for mountain goats or for those who like to climb. With an integrated cockpit and disc brakes, the bike very comfortable on every track. Plus with aero touch, some parts of the frame and seat post got elevated to a higher level.


“Although Wilier hasn’t aimed for an aero bike due to the weight implications, there are aero features such as the kammtail seatpost and seat tube, which should help the Zero SLR cut through the air. The fork legs have a wide stance, a feature that Wilier uses on its aero bikes too, which reduces turbulent interactions with the rotating front wheel.” – Cycling Weekly

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Wilier Zero SLR follows the latest trend in designing a modern bike which is using the ultra-light racing bike with fully integrated disc brakes and cables. Wilier Zero SLR applies the most complex concepts, especially in the light section and total integration in a simple and beautiful appearance.

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For those of you who like to ride bicycles or use climbing bikes, surely you want to have a bike with high technology, starting from high-speed control, electronic transmission, very lightweight frame, high aerodynamics, stability to full cable integration. All these sophisticated features are what you can get from Wilier Zero SLR.

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In 2016, Wilier was stealing the thunder by releasing a bike frame that weighs less than 700 grams. However, this time, Wilier no longer pursued status as the lightest bicycle. The Wilier Zero SLR has a weight of 780gram, 80gram heavier than its predecessor,  Zero 6.

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Precisely with this heavier weight, Wilier is able to produce frames that are more ferocious while riding on the uphill road. the stiffness level and weight ratio are claimed to increase up to 24 percent better than its predecessor.

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By utilizing Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), it not only supports stiffness but can also help reduce vibrations produced due to uneven roads. In addition, this special material is useful for producing character frames that are more resilient in appearance and certainly in terms of the quality of the material.

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Wilier Zero SLR is indeed a dream for anyone who loves biking, especially those who like challenges. Sophisticated design makes the frame of this bike only need to be fitted with an electric circuit, such as SRAM eTap or Dura-Ace Di2.

However, if you like bicycles that are more aero or muscular, you can install a Cento10Pro which is suitable for even eTap or rolling.

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The Wilier Zero SLR will be offered at 12 spec levels. All element of electronic, either cabled or remote, as the inner stations in the cockpit and headset don’t permit enough space for mechanical link runs. Wilier will offer the Zero SLR in three distinctive edge color: dark veneer with white, metallic Admiral Blue and a matt Velvet Red. The bike is marketed starting at $ 8,614.

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