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Technological sophistication has indeed entered various aspects of life, including household appliances. Lots of household appliances are designed with sophisticated technology so that they are more practical and effective, one of which is a product called Cleanyst.


Cleanyst is a revolutionary platform that functions to mix various natural cleaning products and personal care at the push of a button. The awe doesn’t stop there as Cleanyst is able to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions and most importantly, can save household expenses.

Water is the main ingredient in most body care products and at home. Packaging and shipping costs will increase the selling price. No wonder then the selling price is also more expensive and the product can harm the environment.

Why do we have to buy products that contain water, even though we already pay for water at home? So why are plastic bottles purchased eventually disposed of?

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Therefore, Cleanyst is here to overcome all of these things. This product is able to mix all ingredients and can use various types of concentrates, especially low viscosity concentrates because it is more easily diluted into spray, paste and gel cleansers. Meanwhile, materials with high viscosity will produce a thicker product.

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In order to make your own products, you can use Cleanyst. This product can also be the beginning of environmental maintenance because it can reduce the use of bottles that are not useful and can actually damage the environment.

You only need to add hot water to the bottle and remove the material from the bag so the rest will be done by this gadget, namely by mixing the ingredients in the bottle at various speeds, depending on needs.

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This tool is designed with sophisticated technology, Micro-Batch technology that has been patented. This technology can function optimally to mix the concentrate with the consistency of the paste or gel and make a mixture product with high viscosity easier to make.

After 1-3 minutes, just rotate around the part that emits water, such as in a pump or spray. This way, you already have a perfect mixing product ready to use. Easy, right?

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This tool is able to produce a variety of home and body care products that you can try it directly. Some of the products that you can make include dishwashing soap, detergents, fabric softeners, Tub & Tile cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, glass and other surface cleaners, bath soaps, hand soaps, sulfate-free conditioners to sulfate-free shampoos.

There are a lot of benefits that Cleanyst has. Not only to produce useful products but also can save expenses and protect the environment.

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