iRobot® Roomba® s9+: The World’s Best Robot Vacuum

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As a pioneer of robot vacuum, iRobot always one step forward in innovation, and it’s newest products is a smart vacuum that can communicate with floor mops and lawnmowers. All your busy life will be taken over by this super sophisticated robot, iRobot Roomba s9+.


This sophisticated robot vacuum has excellent navigation, very smart features and a trash can that can empty itself. Therefore, Roomba S9 + can be the perfect choice to help you clean the house and make it more comfortable.

Usually, robots vacuum can only clean and later if the dirt is full, we as the owner have to get rid of it. But, with Roomba S9 +, you don’t need to do that. This robot vacuum can clean itself so you don’t have to worry if the dirt container will be full or forget to clean it.

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This enhancement will allow you to use this powerful tool for weeks without cleaning it. Easy, right? This tool is certainly suitable for those of you who have a high bustle to not have time to clean the house especially severals corners of the room.

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With Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal technology, the Roomba S9+ can accommodate up to 30 barrels of dirt, hair, and dust. Quite a large number, it is not surprising even for weeks, the dirt collected can still be accommodated properly.

In addition, this sophisticated tool is also equipped with Anti-Allergen technology that makes it able to capture 99% of pollen and fungus allergens. This technology makes it pet-friendly because it can prevent the spread of pollen and fungus that cause disease.

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This sophisticated vacuum robot is able to clean the floor optimally with 3 stages that must be passed. By presenting up to 40 times the suction to present the best result. In fact, the suction is able to clean deep into the carpet. So, you can even clean the thickest carpet easily and practically to avoid dust or dirt.

In addition, this tool is equipped with advanced cleaning technology, namely Perfect Edge with advanced sensors and Brush Corner that is useful for optimizing cleaning far to the corner of the room and along the edges.

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With the help of vSLAM navigation technology, the Roomba S9+ is able to collect more than 230,400 data points every second to make an accurate map of your home so that cleaning can be done thoroughly, without missing a beat.

Comes furnished with cutting edge equipment fit for giving the astute highlights you will cherish today, the Roomba S9+ is getting more clever through programming updates intended to improve usefulness after some time. The product is marketed for $1,399.99.



iRobot® Roomba® s9+

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