iRobot Terra™ Robot Mower: Reinventing Lawn Care

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A lawn mower robots is not a new thing, but apparently, there are still many aspects that can be improved, and that is then the motivation behind the latest product from iRobot dubbed Terra Robot Mower.

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Unlike most lawn mower robots that require homeowners to set a perimeter using cables, Terra only needs its users to place a wireless beacon around the area to be worked on. Terra is also designed to be truly resistant to hostile weather.

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Before it can operate on its own, Terra must first manually navigate through the companion application on the smartphone. The goal is so that Terra can learn the routes that must be taken, as well as which parts it must avoid.

Through this application, the user can determine how high the grass is to be left, and monitor the route and make a separate schedule.

Irobot Terra Robot Mower 1

In one charge, Terra is able to operate for around one hour. The charging itself takes about two hours, and if the battery is getting critical when it is on duty, Terra will move on his own to the charging base, then after to return to work from the last point it left.

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Another interesting thing is the small details that iRobot noticed. Terra’s pair of cutters were not only modular but also included springs to prevent the cutting blade from being broken when accidentally trapped rocks or other hard objects.

The iRobot Terra™ robot mower will be available for sale in Germany and as a beta program in the US in 2019.  This product is basically part of iRobot’s vision to build a robotic ecosystem that allows a residence to care for itself, both from the outside and within.

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