eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery

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Surveillance cameras with AI integration are a trend that is quite popular nowadays. A quick glance at the market today and we can see lots of alternatives that try to steal the public. But nothing comes close to EufyCam which is the most funded smart home product in Kickstarter history.

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EufyCam’s main advantage is that it is a wireless device, while other surveillance cameras need to be plugged into electricity, EufyCam can operate only by relying on energy supply from a 13,400 mAh battery. What’s getting more special is that it only needs to be charged once a year.

This is possible thanks to the ability of EufyCam to record only when it needed; such as when there is a motion detected, there is an object with hot temperature or someone with a face it does not recognize. All of these features are supported by AI integrated on EufyCam.

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Beyond that, EufyCam will operate in a very economical standby mode. It should be noted, the estimated durability of the battery will depend on how busy the environment around the owner’s house. In the case of the one-year endurance, Eufy claimed that the usage was based on 10 times the motion detection every day, and the recording duration was 30 seconds at a time.

All of the recordings will be stored on a microSD of 16 GB, which is once again believed to be able to accommodate recordings for 365 days. In order to check the contents, the users must first plug the microSD into the EufyCam base station. This base station unit is responsible for communication via Wi-Fi with cameras, smartphones, and computers.

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For those who need real-time monitoring, Eufy provides cloud storage services with a subscription rate of $ 3 per month. Another thing to note, all of EufyCam’s features outside of live monitoring can be enjoyed without having to subscribe.

Physically, EufyCam is waterproof with IP66 certification, so consumers are free to place it indoors or outdoors. Installation is also very easy; just attach the camera to any metal surface, or with the help of a magnetic stand.

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The camera itself is capable of recording in 1080p resolution, with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Eufy also provided their security cam with night vision which could reach an area of ​​10 meters. If someone tried to move the camera or base station, each device would ring the siren loudly.

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As we already mentioned before, EufyCam has made its debut Kickstarter which got explosive reception by the backers. Now as the crowdfunding campaign is over, Eufycam is still available through the official store for the price tag of $499.99.



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