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A trusted security system becomes an important part to prevent intruders or suspicious people. Security Cameras is the main frontier in providing a good security system. Simplicam Security comes with advanced features that has 24/7 HD quality video to detect intruders and movement warnings.

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SimpleCam comes with dimensions of 4.56 in. x 2.55 in. x 2.08 in. The camera allows you to monitor the condition of your home through the stream of HD videos. Not just video, but also 24/7 audio through a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The security camera has an intelligent sensor that is calibrated to detect heat as a human characteristic. If a problem occurs, SimpliCam will notify you so that you can take immediate action.

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If an unknown person enters your house, SimpliCam will notify you when it detects unusual activity. You can see what happens before, during and after the camera detects activity. With an optional recording plan, you can record, store and share important recordings with the police as proof of a crime.

You can start recording with just one button so you can record anytime. The storage space is enough for 30 days, then you can download and share the clip. With a wide field of view and flawless streaming, SimpliCam providing a clear HD video.

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The security camera weighing 33lbs can not only be used indoors but can also be utilized outdoors. The camera is designed to withstand various weather conditions, such as rain, snow or dust and is able to work from temperatures of -20 to 45 °C.

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SimpliCam is built with a stainless steel privacy shutter so that you as the owner will have full control over privacy. This privacy shutter can only be used with your permission. This feature is useful for protecting your video feed with the same level of encryption as a security system at a bank to protect their accounts.

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For $99, the SimpliCam also embeds various advanced and functional features, namely free motion alerts, intelligent motion detection algorithms, free applications for Android and iPhone, high power infrared LED cut filters, millions of colors, variable bitrate compression, end-to-end encryption, and 3-year warranty.

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