Ulo: An Interactive and Cute Home Monitoring Owl

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Ulo is not only cute but also interactive. It is a home monitoring owl with a surveillance camera that can interact with you with its eye expressions. When you have a lot of things connect to you, only Ulo that can connect with you truly because it creates a unique bond. With Ulo, you will have an organic communication awesomely just like with a real owl.


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Ulo is designed with eye expressions. These kinds of expressions are the most efficient way to have a connection with others. That’s why Ulo comes with an ability to connect with you instantly in a universal and also natural way.




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This cute home monitoring has a small shape with 9 cm in height, 9 cm for the diameter, and 165 gram in weight. It is made from ABS-PC plastics for the body material. The screen consists of 2 round LCD with 220 x 220 resolution. The high-resolution camera is about 2 Mega Pixel.

Ulo is also completed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 Series (APQ8009) for the processor. With RAM 16 GB and 8 GB internal memory, you can save your home activities in it. Ulo has an awesome compatibility with every device and every browser.



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You can customize the shape, eyes color, and size via a webpage when you want to match it with your taste or your home interior. When Ulo is tired, it means that the battery is low under 10%. Ulo will blink when you take a snapshot of it. The eyes will follow all of your movements it will squint when you watch a video. You can activate the alert mode by double tap on its forehead.



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Just think that Ulo is your personal server because of it only stores some minutes of video in its local memory. This owl will send you the data to your secure devices and each device has its password which is different. This home monitoring is very easy to set up as you read the guide or watch the video tutorials.



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You need to charge Ulo every two days when you use it every day with its eye expressions. It can be left all time when you plugged into the USB port. With a full charge, this owl can be used for two days in alert mode and also 4 hours in the live-stream.

Ulo 5

Ulo can be used if you have 3¬†3 rechargeable NimH batteries (LR06) minimum 1900 mA in it. The batteries don’t need to be removed when you recharge them. Just plug this owl to the power source to recharge it for using it.

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