Lighthouse: The Smartest Home Security Camera Ever with AI Magic

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Lighthouse can be called as the smartest home security camera ever because of its technology. It is designed with AI technology and 3D sensing. If you need to know what happened in your home, just ask this camera. You will get notification of all activities in your home. It feels like your home is smarter than before after using Lighthouse.


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Lighthouse is designed with AI Service which is exclusive for this product. It will provide you real updates for you, security alerts, face recognization, life search engine at home, 30-day video history, and also knows people from pets. Lighthouse knows the difference between people and pet, kids, and adults too.



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Here are the details of Lighthouse. This smart home camera is built with a base tilts which is easy to be moved up and down. The full HD night vision will give you the best result of capture at night. You can easily set it up with Wi-Fi. The security siren will give you an alert when there is something wrong in your home. Lighthouse is designed with industry-first 3D sensor ad 1080p live stream.



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Lighthouse can be your life security. It can eliminate some false security alerts that other regular cameras can’t do it. This makes Lighthouse worth the price. It notifies you if someone walked the dog or when kids are running late.



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You can turn off the camera automatically when you need a total privacy in your home. The exclusive guest control on Lighthouse can eliminate some false security alerts and give you better notifications, try to invite your trusted guests to the app to set the access permissions. All connection between this camera and the cloud server are protected with bank-level AES encryption.

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