EZVIZ LC1: Brighter and Safer

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The provider of smart home security solutions, EZVIZ, announced the launch of the camera equipped with the EZVIZ LC1 floodlight, which not only provides supervision but can also stop intruder action. Where spotlights with sensitive movements on the camera can be set to illuminate intruders throughout the night as a deterrent to thieves.

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This EZVIZ LC1 is equipped with a PIR detection system that intelligently recognizes intruders who enter without permission and will then rain it with a strong 2500LM spotlight. The 270 ° sensor will also ensure that every corner is monitored so that the intruder cannot avoid detection.

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The company stated that this product was designed innovatively to connect to existing or new outdoor lights to be installed. The light will be active after the detection of the movement and the area you want to reach is set by the user through the EZVIZ application. Users can also turn lights on and off manually, and change the brightness of the lights through the application.

This device is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, and can be connected with smart home devices at home, including the smart alarm EZVIZ. CCTV cameras also have a default 100DB alarm that will be active if there are unexpected movements to notify the homeowner, and night vision mode that has a range of up to 60 feet.

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The application can also be used by users to monitor the home directly, anytime anywhere and thanks to the two-way talk function allow homeowners to see, listen and talk to visitors or pets from a smartphone, PC or MAC.

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Integrated with infrared technology, the EZVIZ LC1 can also filter out noise in the background to improve sound quality. Meanwhile, the internal waterproof MIC can reach sound within a distance of five meters and video recording with sound through the application.

Meanwhile, the push notification option tells the homeowner about suspicious disturbances or behavior so that he gets information at any time.

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In addition, the users can also set schedules, create detection areas and review and share live recordings or play previous films. The LC1 holds a MicroSD card up to 128 GB for local recording storage or users can register to the paid EZVIZ Cloud Storage system. The camera has a two-year warranty with an IP65 enclosure rating, which means this camera is resistant to rain, snow, and other adverse weather conditions.

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