Nowa Superbe: French Design meets Smart Technology

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The end of the smartwatch fever offered by electronic manufacturers was followed by the birth of a hybrid concept of the smartwatch.

Developed both by leading watchmakers and startups, hybrid smart watches basically offer one thing in common: a timeless design like a traditional watch combined with modern connectivity and a notification system.

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The hybrid smartwatch also provides solutions to the constraints of low battery life in the standard model. Some product uses two power sources, the function being that the smart features of the device can work and to support the quartz clock movement system.

But the Superbe product made by the Nowa has a unique advantage in this aspect: all its functions can be fully operational for eight months armed with a battery.

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When most hybrid watches carry a round case, Nowa Superbe uses a minimalist cushion design that is slightly messy. Nowa claims his new device is the thinnest smartwatch in the world with only 10mm thickness. Its body is made of 316L stainless steel and has a diameter of 36mm.

This measure ensures that it is flexible enough to be worn by both men and women. In addition, manufacturers also prepare a different color case and strap type choices.

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Seeing it at a glance, chances are that you won’t realize that Superbe is a smartwatch. The screw is made of mineral material plus a sapphire coating, and the strap is easy to replace thanks to the use of a quick release system.

Superbe functions can be accessed with one button disguised as a crown. In the middle of the main dial, Nowa includes a small LED circle as an indicator that will light up when there is an incoming call. Superbe has the endurance of a class of fashion at 3ATM, and it can function as a remote control for selfies.

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Just like a proper smartwatch, Nowa Superbe is equipped with all the activity tracking capabilities (minus GPS), for example counting the number of steps, distance traveled and burning calories, plus being able to measure the quality of sleep.

The data captured are displayed through the mobile app – connected via Bluetooth. Through the app, the user can also manage and determine the time zone. The gadget is also compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.

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Interestingly, the Bluetooth connection on this hybrid smartwatch can help the users find their smartphone. The product can be ordered via kickstarter page which set at $ 122 during the crowdfunding period.

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