Morus Zero: Ultra-fast countertop tumble dryer for any home

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The advancement in technology is the reason behind the emergence of a lot of product that helps ease our life. Morus Zero is the world’s first countertop tumble dryer machine that uses the best technology, namely Vacuum + dehydration.

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Not only does Morus Zero is able to dry your clothes quickly, but it also has a lot of innovation on it. For those of you who are worried about electric consumption, get rid of the assumption since Morus Zero’s electrical power is economical. Of course, this is an advantage for those of you who want to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a tumble dryer.

Morus Zero has a level of water evaporation that has been calculated based on pressure, temperature, surface area, and so on. In addition to that, Morus Zero can increase the rate of evaporation of water which makes it able to break down the heat well.

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Furthermore, Morus Zero does not just use the heat alone but is able to reduce air pressure during the drying process. It is very helpful because the drying process on this machine does not require a long time. In fact, even on a large scale, the drying time needed is quite fast.

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The technology embedded in the Morus Zero is able to effectively utilize the real UV sterilization technology as the drying machine is able to eliminate 99.9 bacteria in a fast period of time.

In accordance with the tech, Morus Zero also adopts environmentally friendly technology by not using any harmful chemicals in the engine. Thus, it doesn’t just keep your clothes dry but also can help the human approach in keeping the Earth clean.

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As the product that got the prestige reddot award, Morus Zero got lots of advantages, one of which is an automatic humidity sensor system. This sensor will process your clothes in a completely dry condition which the company claims that there will be no part of the clothes that is still wet or moist.

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Another advantage possessed by the Morus Zero is the embedded three high-performance motors. Unlike the motor mechanism in other conventional drying machines, Morus Zero adopt the system that can moves the drum independently.

The system is able to control direction, acceleration, and even rotation speed. With this mechanism, the drying process can get evenly. In order to operate it, you only need to press the “Start” button and let Morus Zero do its magic.

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The last advantage is the compact and sleek design that makes Morus Zero become the right choice for anyone. The small dimension is also making it an easier option for those who have limited room in their laundry room.

Morus Zero is available through Indiegogo and Kickstarter for as low as $ 299 through the Early Birds perks which are limited to 1500 backers. 

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