Anova Precision® Cooker Pro: Unlike Any Other Sous Vide Device in the World

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 5

Anova is a subsidiary of Electrolux (ELUX-B) which specialized themselves in making sous vide devices. In order to provide maximum service for their user, Anova Precision is presenting the latest professional-grade sous vide circulation product.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 5

Anova claims that this equipment is specifically designed for their customer who wants to be a professional chef or those who are enjoying sous vide style cooking dish.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro is designed and crafted through a long process and tailored to the needs of the chefs. Armed with a power of 1,200 watts plus a flow rate of 12 liters per minute, anyone can cook continuously for at least 10,000 hours.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 4

The customer does not need to worry about the quality because the product can control the temperature in +/- 0.05 degrees Celsius. The temperature range can be applied when the customer uses this kitchen tool at a cooking container of 100 liters using a cover.

The company also expands its reach and push Anova Precision Cooker Pro to be available in all countries. If you are willing to have one, owning the kitchen tool will set you down as much as $ 399. The purchases can be made through their official website or Amazon.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 2

Although there have been many advancements in the field of providing sous vide food for consumers, so far there has been no innovation in this particular area. The lack of advancement means that professional chefs have to use a number of standard-carrying options at high prices for techniques that are necessary for every high-end restaurant.

Through this innovative product, Anova Precision Cooker Pro ease the way professional chefs develop their food in terms of quality. This one particular product was created as a sous vide device for today’s professional kitchen needs.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 1

Capitalizing on up to 10,000 hours of maximum power technology, Anova Precision Cooker Pro is able to produce high-quality food. Thus the customers will be spoiled and professional chefs will not experience any problems while providing their services.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 3

Anova Precision Cooker Pro is manufactured using aluminum-coated material with Teflon and stainless steel coating to provide maximum durability.

During the production of Anova Precision Cooker Pro, a comprehensive trial was carried out to provide results in the form of heat and friction resistance. In addition, Anova Precision Cooker Pro is resistant to sparks and water through the use of IPX which is supported by a 2-year warranty.

Anova Precision® Cooker Pro 6

Its user can put on Anova Precision Cooker Pro in several scenarios for cooking purposes. Equipped with removable clamps and the users can adjust to the best position during cooking.

The Anova Precision Cooker Pro is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which provides support for creating the best food. The technology embedded in it will make it easy for anyone who wants to enjoy the sous vide style dish in their home.

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