Misfit Vapor 2: The High Tech Chic Smartwatch

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In 2017, Misfit officially revealed the Vapor smartwatch. But with all its limitations as a sports-focused smartwatch, the Misfit Vapor have failed to compete with other products in its class.

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For this reason the Misfit apparently updated this product and gave the name of the Vapor 2. The Vapor 2 is Misfit’s second smartwatch that packs a color touch screen. Like the majority of smartwatches on the market, it packs a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen with a pixel density of 326 ppi and a rounded shape that looks elegant.

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Overall the Vapor Misfit design looks quite elegant, especially thanks to the stainless steel body and two size options that are 44 mm and 41 mm in diameter, with eight color choices that will provide the perfect option for the appearance of its users.

Vapor is also water resistant to a depth of 30 meters, ready to be invited to swim whenever the user wants. What even more interesting is the bezel around the screen which is also equipped with a touch panel so users can navigate the device without covering the screen with their fingers. In addition, a much thinner case gives an impression that is more sporty and exquisite.

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The Vapor 2 brain is inhabited by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset that is specifically designed by Qualcomm for wearable devices. Connectivity includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while its internal memory with a capacity of 4 GB can be used to store music separately from a cellphone.

Other components carried by the Vapor 2 include an accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, GPS, heart rate sensor and a microphone. The smartwatch can do fitness and sleep tracking comprehensively and automatically.

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In addition, Fast Charging is also embedded in products that only take 50 minutes to recharge by 80%. NFC Payment via Google Play is also a distinguishing feature of its predecessor as well as GPS which will be standalone in this second version of the Misfit Vapor.

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With various additions to their latest products, the Misfit Vapor 2 has a price tag that is slightly more expensive than its predecessor. This smartwatch is valued at $ 249.99 which can be purchased via the official Misfit website.


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