Seiko x Wena Wrist Pro: The World’s First Mechanical Smartwatch

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro 8

Seiko as a brand has already famous for lots of first in their advancement in their product. The latest “first” from the Japanese company comes in the shape of Wena Wrist Pro with the smartwatch function in the band part of the watch.

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro 6

It is a smartwatch that merges Sony’s state-of-the-art technology and Seiko with boasting a history of over 130 years. As a matter of fact, Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro Watch offers the best features between digital and analog clocks.

On the front, there is date information while at the band, the smartwatch provides a lot more than the usual smartwatches. Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro Watch also offers a bezel that can be rotated as an additional feature.

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro 8

Just like we mentioned before, the key progress of advancement on this watch is the band or bracelet part where the company embedded a digital component, complete with a screen that will record all user activities, answer phone calls, and make wireless payments. Some features are currently only available in Japan.

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro 7

The watch itself is a Seiko, with the SKX007 case, handset, 4 o’clock crown and such. The completion, which comes as appeared in dark PVD, is special, similar to the previous product the watchmakers made.

Be that as it may, everything else, including the mechanical development, is apparently based on Seiko’s current SKX stage, which is something worth being thankful since the completion looks solid and moderate.

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro 2

Seiko X Wena Wrist Pro Watch is available in 2 color variants. The first one is silver while the second got a black shade all around it. These sophisticated watches can be owned with prices starting at $ 860. Words on the street claimed that the watches are only available via the Seiko Japanese Store but with the features embedded in it, it’s worth to try.



Seiko x Wena Wrist Pro

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