Teslasuit: Ultimate tech in Smart Clothing

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With lots and lots of product that keeps on coming into the market, it’s quite true that we are rapidly approaching an era of worlds where virtual reality is becoming so realistic that you will not be able to distinguish between virtual and real. Teslasuit is another good approach in that direction.

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Teslasuit is here to enhance the VR / AR / MR experience and can be used for arcades, amusement parks and in the process of content creation and game development. This technology garment also has a wide possibility of being used by science and technology research, and company projects.

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The suit has four main functions. First, it transmits haptic sensations – stimulation of your sense of touch and motion to reproduce the sensation of interacting with physical objects.

This special shirt is also equipped with the ability to capture motion and the avatar system, which means that it can track the movement of the whole body. Teslasuit is equipped with software and plugins for Unity, Unreal, and Motion Builder.

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These clothes not only provide haptic sensations but can also mimic a digital environment. Teslasuit can provide its users with the sensation of changing the temperature from hot to cold.

Finally, the suit also has a biometric system that tracks various types of body metrics. Coupled with machine learning capabilities, the biometric system can provide important data to open up many new possibilities.

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As for the improvement for the future, Teslasuit is already suitable to be applied in various fields. Of course, you can use it to play in virtual reality that will make it even more real, but these futuristic suit can also be used to help workers learn new skills.

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The fitness industry can use it to improve physical training, and thus improve its effectiveness and safety. There are many possibilities that can be done with this suit, not least the enormous potential for entertainment or gaming. There is no launch date as of now, but the company is currently gearing up to release the product as soon as possible.


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