SPRYNG: The most enjoyable post workout recovery machine!

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From a tiring day in the gym to hours spent in office space, our lower legs can easily experience fatigue that causes pain, and perhaps some more serious problem. A fitness product called Spryng aims to accelerate muscle recovery time and increase circulation in the legs, all within 15 minutes.

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Spryng uses a technique called pneumatic compression, which basically massages the foot to get rid of lactic acid and release fresh blood circulation that is filled with nutrients. These padded legs are designed to be portable, so you can carry them anywhere, and be easy to use. You also have three intensity settings and two compression patterns to choose from.

One of the ways you use Spryng is to avoid exercising with recovered muscles that can cause excessive fatigue and possible injury. Another potential application is to prevent the collection of fluid in the lower legs, something that tends to occur when you spend a lot of time sitting or standing.

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According to the product maker, this device can benefit the health of your entire body, even as far as increasing the level of athletic and cognitive performance thanks to increased blood circulation throughout the body. It has been designed to mimic the contraction of natural muscles and increase the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells.

You may have seen passive compression equipment – socks, covers, and sleeves – designed to do the same work as Spryng, but the makers of this new gadget argue that all these devices don’t work when you sit or stand still. The benefits of Spryng are movements that are synchronized between the legs.

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Battery life is rated for 2.5 hours of active use, so you should be able to get 10 massage sessions each of 15 minutes between charging. The bearings are fastened using Velcro.

Using a one-size model, the Spryng fits around the calves of 95 percent of the world’s population. They can also be washed with a washing machine.

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Spryng is recommended by various people who have tested the technology, from baseball pro pitchers to occupational therapists. The product is planned to start entering the market on September with the official price tag of $ 189. The price will give you a pair of Spryngs – with 4 color options to choose from -, a tote bag and a charger cable.



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