VeeGo 750: Conquer The Outdoors

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Cycling is not a mere hobby nowadays, it can also be a necessity due to its ability to facilitate our task in transporting goods or get to the destination location.

Electric bikes become the latest public innovation that shows the sophistication side of a bicycle. One of the best and most advanced electric bikes you can choose is the VeeGo 750 from Ride Scoozy.


Ride Scoozy saw a huge demand for e-bikes and decided to embed some of the latest features while pushing more sophisticated output on their product. The first feature is located on the headlights that use 60 headlight spanning with perfect brightness.

In addition, Ride Scoozy also uses other new features, such as 11-32 Gearing, Kenda K-Shield Tires, Altus Derailleur, 3 Amp Fast Charger that allows for battery charging process for 3-4 hours, and Hydraulic Brakes.

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This feature is updated according to the year of release to be able to provide superior performance. With a power output of 750 watts, the VeeGo 750 has integrated lighting with turn signals and there is also a rear rack, stainless fenders and a multi-power LCD mode computer with USB charging.

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This 63lbs electric bike can reach 7 speeds with 20-28 MPH, peak 1100 watts, around 25-45 miles (13Ah), and 9 levels PAS & Throttle.

Made of strong solid frame makes it able to sustain the driver and goods under sturdy performance. The rear rack can also be used to transport heavy goods with a weight limit of 100 pounds, while the overall weight limit for the bike is 275 pounds.

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The battery cells use products from Samsung, while for motorcycles from Bafang RMG06. For the main lighting, Axendo 60 Dual LEDs are trusted to get the point across while the tailLight integrated with a rotary signal. This electric bike also pinned a PAS sensor in the form of a 14-point dual-pickup with right half-turn throttle ON / OFF.

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If you want to buy the VeeGo 750, then you need to know how to assemble it, but you don’t need to worry because everything that you need to assemble is available. The electric bike has a Cloud 9 Cruiser seat, pre-installed full-length fenders, advanced LCD with USB. You can assemble it into a class I, II or III electric bicycle.

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There are five variant colors to choose from, namely blue, white, red, black and yellow. All of the VeeGo 750 variants have the same battery capacity, which is 17.5 Ah. In order to take home the electric bicycle with a 1-year warranty, you need to spend at least $ 1,999.00.

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