Tern HSD S8i: Enormously Useful. Surprisingly Smaller.

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The Tern HSD S8i shines with outstanding smoothness and high functionality. A foldable frame, powerful Bosch technology, and high-quality components make the Tern HSD a perfect compact bike for the city. It’s hard no to be enchanted by the everyday suitability of the HSD S8i and experience new e-mobility in urban areas.

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The Tern HSD S8i impresses with an agile and smooth-running 20-inch frame. Thanks to the foldable TERN 3D G2 steering column, the HSD S8i can be folded to a folding size of 163 x 40.5 x 86 cm within 5 seconds. This then allows it to be conveniently stowed in a VAN or SUV.


The tech also means that the rider can travel without a roof rack and accompany them on vacation. In addition, the Tern HSD P9 can be folded up to ensure comfortable vertical parking in tight spaces. Thanks to the adjustable stem and seat post, they can take up an extremely comfortable and upright sitting position.

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A Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear hub delivers precise as well as smooth gear changes in every riding situation. The special thing here is that the Tern HSD S8i runs with a Gates Carbon Drive timing belt.

The addition has several advantages. The belt cannot rust and does not have to be lubricated like a chain. So dirty trousers with chain grease are a thing of the past. Besides, a toothed belt drive is very low-maintenance and durable, which guarantees a high mileage.

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The Atlas H Rack luggage rack of the HSD S8i offers so much space that even children can be transported. In combination with a child seat, the H Rack offers optimal freedom of movement and safe transport of your child.

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With a maximum permissible total weight of 170 kg, medium-sized loads can be moved so that the HSD can also function as a cargo bike. The luggage rack is designed for a maximum load of up to 60 kg.

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For safe participation in road traffic, the Tern HSD S8i has been equipped with StVZO-compliant equipment. A TERN Valo 2.1 headlamp with 45Lux and a Herrmans H-Trace taillight guarantee optimal route illumination and best visibility in road traffic.

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Also, they protect two SKS mudguards from dirt and splash water. With the Schwalbe Big Apple 55-406 tire, the HSD got the perfect all-rounder for road and nature. The Big Apple is characterized by excellent rolling properties on asphalt and excellent grip on gravel roads.

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With the Bosch Active Line Plus drive, the Tern HSD S8i got the prime drive for harmonious pedal assistance. The Bosch motor has a powerful 60 Nm torque and supports the rider up to 25 km / h.

The sophisticated sensor system from Bosch gives the rider support that is tailored to their riding style. There are four support levels available, which can easily adapt to any situation.

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A Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh Li-ion battery is responsible for the power supply. With the Bosch battery, the rider can cruise up to 100 km through urban areas depending on various influencing factors. It is easy to attach and remove. The rider can also charge the battery conveniently at home.

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The Bosch Purion Display is the link between the e-bike rider and the Tern HSD S8i. The Purion informs about all current driving data and the currently selected driving mode. The rider will have an overview of the speed, cadence, range and current charge level of the battery, and much more.





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