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The emergence of e-bikes is reaching its peak and make a room for another competitor in the market called Avial Bikes. Avial bikes are an e-bike made of aluminum, titanium or steel frames which are processed by welding. This bike is equipped with classy and premium features that will not be easily damaged.

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This bike is a type of electric bicycle that weighs less than 120 kilograms and is also equipped with a gear sensor that can allow the bike to move up to 25 km per hour.

The features found on Avial bikes are the best features of electric bicycles. First,  the Avial bikes have a battery with high capacity and use an electric drive engine with 250 watts of power.

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Its riders can also use this bike to go anywhere and anytime with a range of 100 km. Avial Bikes is also designed by using aluminum which is equivalent to the level of aluminum which is often used in aircraft while keeping its weight to be around 3.5 kilograms.

This bicycle manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on Avial Bikes which is equipped with a gear that supports 5 drive power levels, so the riders can manage and also monitor all parameters of the movement.

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Avial Bikes use components that have been tested by Shimano, which are of high quality and well-known. In addition, this bike is equipped with various models of drive engines with a power of 350 W with a peak torque of 45 Nm.

And for the next product, the electric bike manufacturer plans to pair a 250W central wheel drive with a peak torque of 80 Nm. The battery installed on this bike has a capacity of 11.6 – 14Ah with a voltage of 36 to 48 Volt.

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Avial Bikes use aluminum material bonded with special rivets so that it can produce supporting structures in various dimensions and types of various kinds. This particular bike is made in a rectangular shape. Its owner can freely attach lights, baskets, stands, and other various other accessories.

Avial Bikes has various models with price variations that will also vary. There is no definite price of this bike but the manufacturer plans to release the Avial Bikes on the price range of $ 1573 – $ 2022.


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