Ten One Design Wifi Porter: Help your guests get online with a simple tap

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Today, more often than not, we are going to ask for a Wi-Fi password than the location of a bathroom while visiting someone else’s home. It might sound exaggerated but at least you will have an idea of ​​the importance of Wi-Fi in the daily lives of the modern generation.

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That’s why devices like Wifi Porter have a reason to exist. Developed by the design firm Ten One Design, Wifi Porter serves to make it easier for guests to connect to a Wi-Fi network while visiting someone’s home. The connection method is quite simple as the users only need to hold their smartphone closer to Wifi Porter.

Ten One Design Wifi Porter 4

Behind the minimalist wooden frame, the company embedded an NFC chip that allows the majority of the latest generation of Android and iPhone devices to connect instantly. If the guest smartphone is not equipped with NFC, the other way it can connect is by scanning the QR code displayed on the back of the Wifi Porter.

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Besides being utilized in a house or apartment, Wifi Porter can also ideally placed in a meeting room of an office or other locations where visitors often connect their devices to Wi-Fi networks. NFC or QR codes are clearly a more practical and efficient solution rather than having to type complex and long passwords.

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Currently, Wifi Porter can be ordered directly through the Ten One Design site for $39.95 per unit, or in the form of a two-content bundle for $74.94, and a four-piece bundle for $ 129. The limited edition that covers with Italian leather is also available for $59.95.

Ten One Design Wifi Porter 1

The ten one design also adopted a new eco-packaging concept for Wifi Porter to reduce its environmental impact by utilizing 100% recyclable paper which is not only free of plastics but also lightweight and inspired by big-city warehouse apartments – utility on the outside, luxury on the inside.

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